Zeal Detonator PPX Polarized & Photochromatic Ski Goggles

zeal-optics-detonator-spherical-ppx-googles Sick of ski goggles consistently fogging up even when they say they are not supposed to? The Zeal Detonator PPX actually does what it says it does and rewards you with crystal clear optics. One of the best things about these Zeal goggles is that they have a photochromatic lens to adjust tint to different light conditions—from nearly clear in low light to a deep dark lens in the sun. The PPX lens is also polarized, enhancing shadow and detail on the slope. Combined, these goggles help you to stay skiing all day rather then fiddling with different lenses.
$170 BUY IT!

Therm-a-Rest ProLite 4 Sleeping Pad

therm-a-rest-prolite-4-sleeping-pad When staying warm is as important as packing light, the Therm-a-rest ProLite 4 is the perfect solution. This pad allows you to achieve a wonderful nights sleep in even the harshest of conditions. Self inflating and extremely compact, there is no reason to not bring this pad with you. Weighing in at only 1lb 8oz., ask yourself what a good night sleep is worth to you. Great for mountaineering, winter camping, backpacking, multi-day adventures, or just laying around.
$85-$110 BUY IT!

Joby Gorillapod

joby-gorillapod Unlike traditional tripods, the Gorillapod uses flexible joints wrapped in rubber for its legs in order to be mounted to just about anything. Put it upside down on a tree branch, or stabilize your camera on an awkwardly shaped rock but never again worry about someone having to be left out of the picture as long as you can figure out your camera’s pesky timer function. Additionally, its super lightweight construction allows you take it anywhere without much concern. A necessity for anyone who loves to take pictures.
$23-50 BUY IT!

Icebreaker GT 180 Chase Zip

icebreaker-gt-180-chase-zip-top The Icebreaker GT 180 is made of 94 percent merino wool content with some lycra mixed in for a more athletic fit. This will be much appreciated by your companions if you are out on the trail for multi-day treks due to merino wools exceptional ability not to hold odors. Warm, soft and light, it will be a welcome addition to anybodies outdoor apparel collection. Flat-seamed construction reduces chafing, while strategically placed ventilation panels optimize temperature control for those high-output activities. The long front zipper allows you to get maximum airflow as well. Available in both men’s and women’s.
$95 BUY IT!

Smith Serpico Sunglasses

smith-serpico-sunglasses The Serpico Sunglasses by Smith are oversized and fiercely-styled. These aviator style frames can be worn anywhere, they have exceptionally durable frames for the outdoors but also are acceptable for when the occasion calls for a little bit more formal attire. Sure, people may say you look like a cop but that statement will be quickly followed with them questioning where they can get a pair for themselves.
$90-$120 BUY IT!

Voile Straps

voile-straps Don’t leave the trailhead without a few Voile Straps. These tough and stretchy polyurethane straps are invaluable, sort of like a reusable version of duct tape. more functional than Velcro straps, a thousand times stronger than rubber bands, they stay put. use them to replace a buckle on your boots, hold your skis together or just secure something to your pack. Available in 9”, 12”. 15”, 18”, and 24” lengths.
$3.50-$5.50 BUY IT!

Atomic D2 Vario Cut

atomic-doubledeck-d2-vario-cut Every once and a while there is a new product that goes about reinventing the wheel, the D2 Vario Cut did just that by introducing the revolutionary doubledeck design. Made with two separate decks, the D2 is split vertically down the center about eight inches from either end and rejoined with rubber inserts, allowing the skis the dynamically respond the the skiers needs by changing shape for better turning. Both the tip and tail of the skis spread apart by up to four millimeters, accentuating the skis’ hourglass shape and tightening the turning radius for crisp, sharp turns. Its no wonder why these skis were featured in Popular Science Best of Whats New 2008.
$1500 BUY IT!

Keen Alyeska Slip Ons

keen-alyeska-slip-ons The Keen Alyeska may be the perfect indoor, outdoor, slip-ons for the cold days ahead. A non-bulky fleece lining inside the full-grain leather uppers warms cold toes, while the natural rubber outsole isn’t shy of venturing outside even in wet conditions. Best of all, you never have to bend over to put them on and they provide much better foot support than flimsy house slippers.
$80 BUY IT!

Platypus PlatyPreserve Wine Preservation System

platypus-platypreserve-wine-preservation-system Beer has long reigned supreme as the outdoor enthusiasts beverage of choice largely because of it’s convenient single-serving container. But wine may put a bigger dent into beer’s outdoor supremacy with this new product from Platypus, the PlatyPreserve, a convenient and portable wine preservation system. After all, wine doesn’t need to be kept cold on the trail. The PlatyPreserve works by using a collapsible container which allows you to completely eliminate the presence of oxygen while stored allowing the user to store open wine for up to a week.
$12.95 BUY IT!

Patagonia Capilene 3 Bottoms

patagonia-capilene-3-bottoms Being cold sucks. But luckily, keeping you warm is one thing that these bottoms excel at. Designed to help keep you stay dry and warm beneath layers, this fast wicking performance layer has continue to be a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts decade after decade. Stock up now for those cold weather days spent outdoors and you will be sure to be toasty warm. Definitely a winter must have.
$44 BUY IT!

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