Platypus PlatyPreserve Wine Preservation System

platypus-platypreserve-wine-preservation-system Beer has long reigned supreme as the outdoor enthusiasts beverage of choice largely because of it’s convenient single-serving container. But wine may put a bigger dent into beer’s outdoor supremacy with this new product from Platypus, the PlatyPreserve, a convenient and portable wine preservation system. After all, wine doesn’t need to be kept cold on the trail. The PlatyPreserve works by using a collapsible container which allows you to completely eliminate the presence of oxygen while stored allowing the user to store open wine for up to a week.
$12.95 BUY IT!

Raven’s Brew Bruin Blend Organic Coffee

Bruin Blend showcases the best of what Indonesian coffees have to offer. Offering a rich, heavy body, mellow acidity, and spicy earthy qualities, it offers all the taste without any of the bite of other lesser coffees. And as if things could not get any better than when you first try a hot cup of this coffee, as it cools, new flavors emerge and make you fall in love with it all over again. The roastmasters at Raven’s Brew have delivered an exceptional coffee and it’s definitely worth a try.
$10.70/14oz BUY IT!

Steelhead Scotch Porter

stealhead-scotch-porterMade by Mad River Brewing Company in Humboldt County, California, this traditional working class porter is sure to put some hair on your chest. With complex malt characteristics and a mild hop profile, Mad River has produced a beer that will keep you warm on those cold days in the country but be careful, with its 6.7% alc. content, its not for the weak of heart. Some of the brewers have even taken to donning kilts while brewing this beauty.
$7-$9/six-pack BUY IT!

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