Zeal Detonator PPX Polarized & Photochromatic Ski Goggles

zeal-optics-detonator-spherical-ppx-googles Sick of ski goggles consistently fogging up even when they say they are not supposed to? The Zeal Detonator PPX actually does what it says it does and rewards you with crystal clear optics. One of the best things about these Zeal goggles is that they have a photochromatic lens to adjust tint to different light conditions—from nearly clear in low light to a deep dark lens in the sun. The PPX lens is also polarized, enhancing shadow and detail on the slope. Combined, these goggles help you to stay skiing all day rather then fiddling with different lenses.
$170 BUY IT!

Atomic D2 Vario Cut

atomic-doubledeck-d2-vario-cut Every once and a while there is a new product that goes about reinventing the wheel, the D2 Vario Cut did just that by introducing the revolutionary doubledeck design. Made with two separate decks, the D2 is split vertically down the center about eight inches from either end and rejoined with rubber inserts, allowing the skis the dynamically respond the the skiers needs by changing shape for better turning. Both the tip and tail of the skis spread apart by up to four millimeters, accentuating the skis’ hourglass shape and tightening the turning radius for crisp, sharp turns. Its no wonder why these skis were featured in Popular Science Best of Whats New 2008.
$1500 BUY IT!

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