Voile Straps

voile-straps Don’t leave the trailhead without a few Voile Straps. These tough and stretchy polyurethane straps are invaluable, sort of like a reusable version of duct tape. more functional than Velcro straps, a thousand times stronger than rubber bands, they stay put. use them to replace a buckle on your boots, hold your skis together or just secure something to your pack. Available in 9”, 12”. 15”, 18”, and 24” lengths.
$3.50-$5.50 BUY IT!

Atomic D2 Vario Cut

atomic-doubledeck-d2-vario-cut Every once and a while there is a new product that goes about reinventing the wheel, the D2 Vario Cut did just that by introducing the revolutionary doubledeck design. Made with two separate decks, the D2 is split vertically down the center about eight inches from either end and rejoined with rubber inserts, allowing the skis the dynamically respond the the skiers needs by changing shape for better turning. Both the tip and tail of the skis spread apart by up to four millimeters, accentuating the skis’ hourglass shape and tightening the turning radius for crisp, sharp turns. Its no wonder why these skis were featured in Popular Science Best of Whats New 2008.
$1500 BUY IT!

Yakima GetOut Pro Cargo Bag

Love to go on road trips but hate to store huge cargo boxes in your garage? The GetOut Pro is the perfect solution to this dilemma, made of light weight and collapsible material, its easy to store when not in use. They also made it easy to install. Any car with raised side rails is the perfect candidate and don’t worry about your cars shiny new finish, the cross padded base of the bag provides all the protection you will need. Also doubles as a picnic basket for medium sized elephants.
$159 BUY IT!

Arcteryx Women’s Briza 62 Pack

arcteryx-womens-briza-62-pack Arcteryx has long been known for creating quality products that stand the test of time and the Briza is no exception. This is the Cadillac of bags, and it is shown in the details. From the super thick and cushy shoulder and hip belts to the suspension system which is second to none and fully adjustable, there is little reason that you will ever complain or even notice this bag while climbing.
$350 BUY IT!

Snow Peak Titanium Double Wall Mugs

snow-peak-titanium-double-wall-mugs The winner of the “Great Mug Test” presented by Backpacker magazine, Feb. 2003, these mugs have passed the test of time. These mugs will keep your drink hotter longer and look the best doing it. Feels good, looks great, very light, very handy but a tad expensive. But what the heck, start your day off right with a hot drink and splurge a little on the finer things in life from time to time.
$30-$50 BUY IT!

SealLine Storm Sack

sealline-storm-sack The Storm Sack is one of those must have items if you do anything that may involve water, be it rain, sea, or snow. It is the lightest, most versatile dry bag that SealLine makes and is also plenty rugged. Regardless of size, all Storm Sacks feature a roll-top closure and sewn and taped construction to ensure watertightness, as well as PVC-free 210D PU-coated nylon that is long-lasting and eco-friendly. Keep the dry in and the wet out.
$10-$35 BUY IT!

Brunton Vapor AF All Fuel Expedition Stove

brunton-vapor-af-all-fuel-expedition-stove After winning about every major award last year, Brunton went ahead and took their Vapor AF stove a step further to create the ultimate backpacking stove. Most other stoves require you to either replace jets or fiddle with loose parts when you want to switch between liquid and gas fuel, but not the Vapor AF. With a simple twist of the burner cup, it allows you to switch between the two fuel types so that you literally burn just about any fuel you have including Butane, White gas, Kerosene, Diesel #1, Auto Fuel, Jet Fuel & others. It’s convenience from a device that, until now, was never designed to be convenient.
$200 BUY IT!

Leatherman Skeletool-CX

For this multitool, leatherman completely redesigned their standard full sized multitool and went back to the basics… very cool basics. Attempting to shed as much weight as possible, they kept only the most necessary features. With a 154CM combo stainless steel blade, pliers, bit driver, pocket clip and carabiner/bottle opener, you’re set. And as if they had not shed enough weight already, they upgraded the handle inserts to carbon fiber to make sure no strength was lost in their pursuit. Weighing in at only 5 oz, it is by far the lightest multitool Leatherman has and a necessity in your life.
$80 BUY IT!

Felt F1X Cyclocross Bike

Cyclocross bikes are one of the most versatile types of bikes out there, able to perform at road-bike speeds but also able to get a little dirty when you feel like spicing things up. The F1X from Felt was designed with the off road enthusiast in mind, having both a compact geometry to allow for greater standover clearance and an oversized carbon fiber fork which minimizes vibrations and helps take the edge off the harsh stuff. Whether you’re on the race course or racing through the back country, the F1X is designed to handle both the competition and the elements without putting too much of a ding in the wallet.
$1300 BUY IT!

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