Slime Smart Bike Tube

slime-smart-tube-bike Ah, Slime. That wonderfully green tire sealant that will fend off all the worst of flat tires just got a little bit better. You can now skip the messy installation with bicycle tubes that are already pre-slimed. If you are not familiar with the stuff, it instantly seeks out and seal punctures as they occur, allowing you to have one less thing to worry about.
$6.29 BUY IT!

Felt F1X Cyclocross Bike

Cyclocross bikes are one of the most versatile types of bikes out there, able to perform at road-bike speeds but also able to get a little dirty when you feel like spicing things up. The F1X from Felt was designed with the off road enthusiast in mind, having both a compact geometry to allow for greater standover clearance and an oversized carbon fiber fork which minimizes vibrations and helps take the edge off the harsh stuff. Whether you’re on the race course or racing through the back country, the F1X is designed to handle both the competition and the elements without putting too much of a ding in the wallet.
$1300 BUY IT!

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