SureFire Kroma Flashlight

surefire-kroma-flashlight I am not sure the last time that I needed to have my flashlight on for 3 days straight but I am sure it will be useful at some point in my future adventures. The SureFire Kroma Flashlight lasts for an incredible 80 hours while only weighing in at 5oz. Using 3 colors of LEDs and 2 power settings you can use this weather resistant flashlight in whatever situation you need light, be it for preserving night vision while navigating, tracking, or map reading; or for negotiating outdoor terrain without disturbing wildlife. Did I mention its pretty much indestructible as well?
$330 BUY IT!

Arcteryx Women’s Briza 62 Pack

arcteryx-womens-briza-62-pack Arcteryx has long been known for creating quality products that stand the test of time and the Briza is no exception. This is the Cadillac of bags, and it is shown in the details. From the super thick and cushy shoulder and hip belts to the suspension system which is second to none and fully adjustable, there is little reason that you will ever complain or even notice this bag while climbing.
$350 BUY IT!

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