Timex Expedition E-Tide & Temp Watch

timex-expedition-etide-and-temp Pure and simple, exuding strength and style. That is the best way to describe this gem of a watch from Timex. While most all tide watches will tell you accurately when the tide is coming, few look good while doing it. That is where the Timex Expedition E-Tide & Temp differs from the pack. Extra large, metal, and completely analog, people will consistently compliment you on this stylish watch.
$140 BUY IT!

The North Face Women’s Scythe Jacket

northface-womens-scythe-jacket North Face jackets have become a favorite among all age groups for their warm, well fitting, good looking jackets and they do not stray far from that with the Women’s Scythe Jacket. Although the polartec thermal pro fleece is a welcome addition and will be sure to keep you warm on cold nights, what will truly attract you to this coat is the feel of the material. It is the kind of coat that you want to put on the minute you get it. Have go regrets and pick one up for yourself right away.
$150 BUY IT!

Icebreaker GT 180 Chase Zip

icebreaker-gt-180-chase-zip-top The Icebreaker GT 180 is made of 94 percent merino wool content with some lycra mixed in for a more athletic fit. This will be much appreciated by your companions if you are out on the trail for multi-day treks due to merino wools exceptional ability not to hold odors. Warm, soft and light, it will be a welcome addition to anybodies outdoor apparel collection. Flat-seamed construction reduces chafing, while strategically placed ventilation panels optimize temperature control for those high-output activities. The long front zipper allows you to get maximum airflow as well. Available in both men’s and women’s.
$95 BUY IT!

Smith Serpico Sunglasses

smith-serpico-sunglasses The Serpico Sunglasses by Smith are oversized and fiercely-styled. These aviator style frames can be worn anywhere, they have exceptionally durable frames for the outdoors but also are acceptable for when the occasion calls for a little bit more formal attire. Sure, people may say you look like a cop but that statement will be quickly followed with them questioning where they can get a pair for themselves.
$90-$120 BUY IT!

Patagonia Capilene 3 Bottoms

patagonia-capilene-3-bottoms Being cold sucks. But luckily, keeping you warm is one thing that these bottoms excel at. Designed to help keep you stay dry and warm beneath layers, this fast wicking performance layer has continue to be a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts decade after decade. Stock up now for those cold weather days spent outdoors and you will be sure to be toasty warm. Definitely a winter must have.
$44 BUY IT!

Marmot Super Hero Jacket

marmot-super-hero-jacket Going outside, forecast be damned? Grab Marmot’s Super Hero Jacket and have no worries. Part of Marmot’s M2 series, it is an ideal balance between weather resistance, breathability, and thermal protection. Impervious to wind and water, yet still breathable, this jacket is the perfect spring coat. Wear it on the slope or in the back country, but one thing is for sure, it will quickly become one of your favorite softshells. Comes in both Men’s and Women’s varieties.
$275 BUY IT!

Point6 Merino Wool Socks

point6-merino-wool-socks Founded by the same couple that created Smartwool, Point6 is a new company out of Steamboat Springs, CO. They focus on making some of the best merino wool socks around but you won’t find these socks in any retail store. By selling them exclusively on their website and directly over the phone, they are able to offer their socks at a 30% discount as compared to their competitors. If you have never owned a pair of merino wool socks before, you sound buy some immediately. Not only are they extremely comfortable but merino wool also is naturally anti-microbial which means no more stinky feet.
$9-$15 BUY IT!

Mountain Hardwear Red Savina Heated Gloves

mountain-hardwear-red-savina-heated-gloves Named after the chili pepper with 500,000 Scoville units of heat, these gloves definitely live up to their namesake. Using a new patent pending Aevex intelligent heat technology, the Red Savina is able to monitor the internal temperature of the glove, sending heat only to where its needed, and conserving power when unneeded. They do this all without adding any extra bulk to the glove which allows you to stay out longer and enjoy the -20 degree weather. Never again have to call it a day due to you not being able to feel your fingers. Well worth the investment.
$300 BUY IT!

Rudy Project ZYON Glasses

Rudy Project ZYON full frame sunglasses are designed for the highest level of performance. Winners of Outside magazine’s 2008 Gear of the Year Award, these glasses come equipped with an ultra-light chassis, adjustable nose piece, and interchangeable lenses. They also have Rudy’s new photochromatic Clear ImpactX lenses, which adjust automatically to any light condition. No matter what your need, these shades are worth checking out.
$170 BUY IT!

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