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gearACE is a web magazine based in San Francisco dedicated to bringing our readers the newest and best in outdoor gear. We scour the internet and talk to experts around the world in order to find only the best products to highlight.

We can't guarantee you will love every product we highlight but we try our best to cover a wide range of sports and passions so that we have a little something for everyone. We update our site every weekday with 3-5 new products being highlighted daily. We find everything from grappling hooks to GPS devices, if it's something new, unique, or just plain cool, we find it for you.

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  • gearACE is the premier source for finding out about new outdoor equpiment. We find the best in new gear and bring it to you with daily updates - Bookmark us, Subscribe to our Newsletter, or add us to your RSS Feed. Please remember to support our sponsors.
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